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Purveying & Creating Good Things

Purveying & Creating Good Things

 Avesta is the name of the Zoroastrian holy book written in an ancient language "Avestan".

The name "Avesta" was chosen as a tribute to family ancestry and in alignment with the ethos of an enterprise with a conscience.  


Quite simply, there is  the dire need for people to see, feel and believe that "Life is Big".  

It does not take a whole lot of discovery to quickly notice how doing little things to feel better and look better can be life changing for good.  

It's all about discovering your own magic with all the help and resources  from mother nature to be living authentically and manifesting  one's own unique realities. 


Purveying & Creating Good Things

Purveying & Creating Good Things

Purveying & Creating Good Things

Avesta.life is a purveyor and creator of all good things.

  The name also resonates with the meanings of refuge, principle, foundation and fellowship.

We promote and indulge our audience to embrace  Life is Big.  

Calling upon ancient rites, rituals and traditions that lend themselves to creating harmony between the internal self and the external.  

Between the seen and unseen dimensions of life.  In other words, Avesta.life knows that there is magic in life to be discovered and enjoyed.

The proof is in the experience.

This is our invitation to experience "it".

The little things count toward making quantum leaps in self-discovery and experiencing the moment magic happens.


Life IS Big

Purveying & Creating Good Things

Life IS Big

Avesta.life is socially conscious.  

Our products and services are charged to abide by simply being authentic, sustainable, enabling, empowering, conserving, valuable, and above all delivered with good words, good thoughts and good intentions.

Life IS Big is our motto and avesta.life is bound by its nature to bring back the simple joys and wonder of a forgotten  way of living and being.


Our products are carefully hand-picked and hand-made in small batches by masterful creators blended, tested, energised, lovingly packaged  and delivered. 

Our services are designed to be pleasurable  experiences, whether we are performing cleansing rituals, planning a well-being trip for you,  or simply having a chauffeur drive you to the airport- we want you to smile and be happy.

You will always be addressed with a smile- if you can't see it, you WILL  hear it.


living "LIFE IS BIG"


Our full content rich web-site is being put together.  In the meantime we are showcasing a few of our favourite products and will keep adding as we develop beautiful potions, lotions, motions and more...




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